Puppy Wellness Protocols

Congratulations if you have recently added or are soon to be adding a puppy to your family!  We would like to help you get them off to a healthy start, so they can have a long and happy life.

Our first step in helping you involves seeing your puppy for a series of visits at 3 weeks intervals.  During these visits, your puppy will receive a complete physical exam, an intestinal parasite exam, de-worming, age and risk appropriate vaccination and their nails will be trimmed if needed.  We offer these services as a package for $83.00 per visit.  The doctor will discuss the physical exam findings and recommendations.  They will also be happy to answer all your puppy related questions.  We will give also be giving you their first dose of recommended heartworm and flea preventatives at no charge to help your puppy start his or her preventative care routine.  

The puppy wellness protocol is as follows:

Puppy #1 
Puppy #2
Puppy #3 
Puppy #4  
up to 8 weeks old 9 to 11 weeks old   12 to 14 weeks old 15 weeks and older
Exam Exam Exam Exam
Intestinal parasite exam Intestinal parasite exam Intestinal parasite exam Intestinal parasite exam
De-worm with Strongid De-worm with Strongid De-worm with Strongid De-worm with Strongid
Nail trim Nail trim Nail trim Nail trim
DA2PP vaccine DA2PP vaccine DA2PP vaccine  DA2PP vaccine

(+/- Lepto #1) (+/- Lepto #2)

Rabies vaccine Bordetella vaccine

If a puppy presents to our hospital for its first vaccines and he/she is 15 weeks or older they start the series at Puppy #3 and finish three weeks later with the Puppy #4 visit.

The DA2PP vaccine, vaccinates against DistemperAdenovirus 2Parvo , and Parainfluenza.  The DA2PPL vaccinates against the same diseases plus Leptospirosis

During your visit, your veterinarian will also discuss risk assessment for Canine Influenza and will recommend a vaccination when needed. 

To learn more about these preventable diseases, please click on the names above.  


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