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24 Hour Plan Update

Enrollment in this plan allows you to use our veterinary services, pick up food and medications, and drop off or pick up your pet any time of the day at our Virginia Beach location.  24 hour service plan members also have the benefit of calling ahead to “check-in” for walk -in services.    You will then be given an estimated wait time, so that you can chose to wait at home and time your arrival close to when the doctor will be ready to see your pet. 

Cost of enrollment is $50 per year.  Benefits begin 24 hours after enrollment and includes ONLY the pets in your record that have been examined in the past 12 months.  It does NOT include any new pets acquired until they have been examined for the first time. 

Clients that chose NOT to enroll, and need to use our services outside of regular business hours will be charged additional walk in and after- hours fees as detailed below.  Enrollment is REQUIRED for after- hours access. 

                                                                                                24 hour service members         Non-members

Established Clients:  Regular Business Hours                     No additional charge                 $10 walk in fee

Established Clients:  After Hours/ Sundays/ Holidays        No additional charge                 $60 WI fee + $50 enrollment

New Clients: M-Sat 8am-5pm                                               -- N/A --                                       $30 walk in fee

New Clients: M-Thur 5pm-8pm                                             -- N/A --                                      $60 walk in fee

New Clients: After Hours/ Sundays/ Holidays                     -- N/A --                                      $60 walk in fee + $50 enrollment 

After Hours Drop off/ Pick up                                               No additional charge                $20 convenience fee + enrollment

After Hours Technician Visits                                               No additional charge                $20 convenience fee + enrollment


We feel it is very important to be available to our clients 24 hours a day, and hope that clients share this view and will be understanding of the $50 annual fee for this service.  


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