Comprehensive Pet Wellness Services

Acredale Animal Hospital offers comprehensive annual healthy pet examinations to help detect and treat any disease processes early on.  One of our compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarians will perform a complete physical exam including an evaluation of your pet’s skin/ coat, teeth, eyes, heart, lungs, and muscles/ joints.  They are also available to discuss the following with you: 

  • Vaccines according to life stage and environmental risk
  • Blood tests to screen for metabolic diseases
  • Discussion preventative dental home care and recommended products
  • Diet Review and Obesity prevention
  • Behavior/ Training Advice

This exam also enables us to keep our veterinary-patient-client relationship up to date so that we can continue prescribing medications for your pet as needed.  Yearly heartworm testing and monthly prevention is recommended for pets in the Hampton Roads Area.  We include a fecal examination with your pet's annual healthy pet visit in order to screen for intestinal parasites your pet may have contracted from the environment. 

We recognize that not all patients need the same vaccine protocol; therefore, we work with clients to recommend the safest and most practical vaccine program for their pets based on their environment and exposure risks.  Please print and fill out this form to help us make the best recommendations for your pet. 


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