Safe, Comfortable, Veterinarian-Supervised Pet Boarding

We are happy to provide

  • Large kennels to accommodate dogs of all sizes.
  • Spacious cat condos in a separate quiet area with lots of natural lighting
  • Exotic pet boarding available in separate area customized to your pets needs.  
  • Litter boxes are attended twice daily, so that your cat always has a clean litter box and we can monitor for adequate urination & defecation.  
  • Safe, fenced in grass area where pets are provided with walks and outdoor play three to four times a day
  • Laundry facility so we can provide your pets with plenty of soft, clean bedding
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and caring staff- Our kennel manager, as well as other members of our kennel staff, have been with us for many years. They recognize many boarders by name and know their individual personalities and preferences. This knowledge helps them to reduce the stress a pet might feel when away from home. Just as your pets faces are familiar to our staff our staffs faces appear familiar to your pets.
  • Immediate access to veterinary care should the need arise.  Veterinary exams, annual check-ups and vaccines can also be scheduled while your pet is boarding with us.  
  • NO CHARGE FOR MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION.  Administration of medications is supervised by our licensed veterinary technicians with veterinarians available to resolve questions if they arise.  
  • Nutrition:  While boarding your pet will receive a high quality food produced by Hills Pet Nutrition. If you have a different preference, or your pet has special dietary needs,  you are more than welcome to bring your pets food from home.  We will be happy to feed your pet the food you provide.
  • Bon Voyage Bath and Grooming Services:  If you would like your pet bathed or groomed prior to going home, we ask that you make an appointment with our grooming department in advance.

Vaccine Requirements

  • Dogs:  Rabies, DAPPV, Bordetella, Canine Influenza H3N8  (Canine Influenza H3N2 recommended but not required at this time)
  • Cats: Rabies, FVRCP

Please call 757-523-6100 to schedule your dog, cat, or exotic pet's boarding reservation.  Additional quiet and comfortable cat boarding is available at our Great Bridge location:  757-482-2181. Download our Boarding Admissions Form and fill out prior to your arrival. This will speed up your check in process. 

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